Er, why?


Well, the answer is simply because I want to learn how to fuck around with WordPress, rather than broadcasting every thought I have into the internets.

Although I reserve the right to do the latter too, should I so wish. Just you try and stop me.

Anyway – look, this theme is fucking awesome – up yours, php.

2 thoughts on “Er, why?

  1. Mr Suckypants

    Your website sucks Scowcroft. Ha ha ha.

    Not really. It’s great when you figure it out innit. And the plugins do basically everything.

    Btw did you see my email re hosting?

  2. Henry

    yes i did, i will reply to it presently, i have had a mental week but now have some time to sit and pick my bum.

    wow i’m posting ON MY OWN BLOG.

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