Some years ago, during the extensive and lengthy refurbishment of some of the then-clapped-out council monoliths around here, a park was replanted. An ongoing programme of state-sponsored tending was initiated; yet very little grew.

Indeed, up until today, these carefully tended herbacious borders still hadn’t amounted to much more than bare, self-concious strips of mulch, with the odd barely sprouting twig protruding skywards.

But this morning, of all mornings, the beds had burst into life and the park finally, at long last, looked… well… welcoming.

I suspect soon enough the flowers will be pruned back, and the park will return to its SpartanĀ formerĀ self. But over the coming months its probably going to look rather splendid. I guess these things take time to bear fruit.

Just sayin’, like.


Er, why?


Well, the answer is simply because I want to learn how to fuck around with WordPress, rather than broadcasting every thought I have into the internets.

Although I reserve the right to do the latter too, should I so wish. Just you try and stop me.

Anyway – look, this theme is fucking awesome – up yours, php.